Are there any plans to produce a Windows Vista complaint version of Directory Opus?

As a Vista beta tester and long time user of Opus I was dissapointed, but not surprised, to find out it will not install under Vista.

Hoping in advance that there will be light at the end of the tunnel.


I second this. I am no Vista-tester, but I plan to buy a new laptop next year, and it will be fitted with Vista from the manufacturer I guess. I would love to be able to launch Dopus on it.

I haven't tried Vista yet but I don't understand how/why it blocks applications from being installed.

Does it use a whitelist or a blacklist or do apps (or their installers) have to have a "I'm for Vista" flag or something? Seems like an odd thing for Microsoft to do to me. Maybe I've misunderstood.

I've no exact ideas myself but Vista is locked down security-wise. For example on my dual boot PC I'm unable within Vista to copy my old favourites from their XP location into the faves folder under Vista.

I can do that with ease though if I boot into XP.

Just thought it wouldbe good to get some feedback from the devs to see if they are working towards those goals.

Are you sure it's not simply disallowing you from installing any software (or any software that hasn't been signed by a company marked as trusted by an administrator), rather than something that specifically has to change in the Opus installer?

Opus install exes should be signed by GPSoftware's private key (check under Properties for the file) if that's any use.