Visual Studio 2017 theme (Update 2)

Updated with 12.9.4 dark theme fixes:
The lister path fields can be changed to remove the white background.

Here is the theme:
Directory Opus Visual Studio 2017 Update 2.dlt (113.8 KB)

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Updated with v12.9.1 dark theme fixes:

Due to the new options I have updated this theme to include the new changes. As you can see the dark theme is almost complete.

I turned off Preferences - Display - Status Bar - Glass Background.

Here is the theme:
Visual Studio 2017 update 1.dlt (67.9 KB)

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Stumpii inspired me to create my own Visual Studio 2017 theme.

Here are dual pane versions. Unfortunately there is not consistency between the vertical and horizontal status bars at the bottom of the listers.

Here are some other settings that I changed.

This is for the menu....

Here is the settings file. Note that only colours have been changed.
Visual Studio 2017.dlt (55.9 KB)



To make the status bars consistent between modes, turn off glass status bars.

(Glass only works when they're at the bottom of the window, and only really looks good on Vista and Windows 7.)

Yes I know, but I then have to live with the horrible white border (screen shot 3) all the time :slight_smile:

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We'll probably improve that for dark themes in the future. (The border comes from the Windows theme, but if you have Opus configured to look nothing like the rest of Windows, it doesn't look great.)

How do I set the title bar black?

There is a registry hack for that or use Winaero Tweaker.

I've been messing around with this theme but My Computer is now exactly showing up correctly (My Computer is set to non-native view). Basically the text is black with the dark background. Any ideas of what exactly is governing the colors here? Because it's a bit of a mess and I can't figure it out.

Turn Preferences / Folders / Virtual Folders / Native display of 'Computer' back on, so Opus handles the folder itself.

If using dark background colors, turning off Preferences / Display / Options / Enable background images in virtual folders is also advised, since views provided by the Windows shell will still use black text.

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The theme works everywhere except This PC for me

This do fix the problem, but is there a another solution ?

This is what I get:

I have a known problem here:
The text is difficult to read.

Another known problem is in the dialogs:

Not perfect yet but getting there :slight_smile: