Visual Studio - Open Containing Folder

Hi, Does anyone her user Visual Studio 2010?

When I use the feature "Open Containing Folder" by right clicking on a file. Dopus opens correctly at the requested folder. However about 1 min later I get an error message in Visual Studio.

[quote]Microsoft Visual Studio

Unable to open the folder. It might have been deleted or existing permissions might be insufficient.[/quote]
If I turn off replace explorer in dopus and close the application. When I use the same feature in VS2010 I no longer receive the message. I assume that VS is unable to confirm with dopus that it open the folder.
There is talk of something similar here

I've got a theory about this, but it'll take some work to look into it.

This may also relate to the issue with newer versions of uTorrent causing two windows to open.

Can't say for sure if it's something we can fix yet, but it'll be looked into.

Thanks Leo, Let me know if I can help