Volume Control Hotkey

Question. I'd like to add a couple of hotkeys in DOpus to control Volume Up and Down (e.g. by using Alt+Up/Alt+Down)

Anybody knows the internal windows functions to do this? These are not in the standard list of functions that Directory Opus has.

Do you Vista?

Search for "Vista Run Commands" and you will find a lot.

Here's one:


Look out for:

Sound Volume : sndvol

Don't know if it actually offers up and down. I have that wired into my keyboard.

Also look at ac'tivAid:
which is free and based on AutoHotkey autohotkey.com
I love it! And it works well with DOpus as far as I can see by now.

I've forgotten: It works perfectly with WinXP. The extension which would do what you want is VolumeControl:

You can also do it via a handy program called nircmd (which does all sorts of things and I think is just a standalone exe; no installation required).

Nelly wrote a post on how to make nircmd control the volume:

[Power & Volume control buttons)