Volume down media key switches panels

I've just bought DirOpus 11 and now the volume down media key switches between the dual panels.
It didn't happen in v10. Volume up and other media keys function properly. I'm on windows 7 64 bit,
running 64 bit DirOpus. My keyboard is an old Logitech G15.

Same behavior here on a Lenove T420 still on the DOpus 11b7.

Works here on Lenovo R61 and T500 (DO-USB), also with Logitech Iluminated (DO installed).

I've reproduced this on my Dell laptop, so we should be able to fix it (pending further investigation).

Excellent :thumbsup:
Maybe solve my Toshiba issue [url]Conflict with Toshiba laptop media keys]

We've found what was causing this and fixed it for the next update.

Great, thank you!

Problem is still there in todays 11.1b2.

Not surprising as that came out 11 hours before my post. :slight_smile:

oups, sorry haven't checked the times :slight_smile:
just installed the new beta and saw your post.
so never mind, I wait for the next beta and check then

Maybe be more specific about "the next update":slight_smile: