Volume icon appearing

The lastest Dopus upgrade took effect this morning when I turned on my computer. For the first time in years, the infamous volume icon appeared in the middle of the screen, switching between on and mute, Could it have anything to do with the Dopus upgrade?


Hans L

I doubt it. Why do you think Opus is involved?

Leo, the reason is that I installed the DOpus update yesterday, but did not turn off the computer until late last night, and only turned it on for the first time this morning, and there was that infernal volume icon (which I have struggled with a couple of time in years past).

I was out most of the day today, and when I got back, the icon was gone. I did not want to say anything right away, but it has not come back now in a couple of hours, so hopefully, it was a fluke.

Best regards,

Hans L