Volume Licence Options

Note that Volume License pricing is now available.
Just use the link in the License Manager.

I have considered upgrading my dual License to a GOLP.
I would then have to ask if an upgrade price could be done to extend my dual License to a GOLP 500 Licenses plan.
The quoted $16065.00 AUD price is still a little steep for me.
Is there also an education price break ? I can't validate that option yet, but I'm wondering.

I've never used both licenses for anything but a tiny time. These days I just use my laptop.
I bought a dual license with Directory Opus 6 and have felt it best to keep it up.

Reality is that since I don't use both my current Licenses, I don't really need a GOLP License.
Also reality is that I bought Directory Opus 11 and never installed it.
It is a long story as to why. It started with global and local toolbars, but that really wasn't it at all.
It is all water under the bridge now ... it wasn't Directory Opus itself.

Looking forward to upgrade options.

I'm confused. You want to buy a 500-seat volume licence, but you're not using the 2 licences you have already?

Thought about it .

It would make you a fantastic host at your next LAN party!

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Absolutely !