Want to Compare two listers/folders to check similarity?

I have performed a sync using another program... but it did not completely copy the exact number of files (even including the 'conflicts' the program listed in the log.)

I know that sync programs have a tendency to get confused with hidden files, temp files, and other misc. files, but I want to check the 'similarity' of my target folder with the original - in other words, I want to see which files, if any, it didn't sync correctly (since the ones listed in the log do not sum correctly to the delta between the folders).

I have both target and destination folders open in separate listers - but, and I have a feeling this IS possible, how can I "compare" the files in both to see which files only appear in one or the other? I'm also doing this is flat-mode - as one of the folders IS already a flat file folder, and the other one is not.

Thanks in advance!

You can use Tools -> Synchronize to access the Synchronize tool.

I've tried this - unfortunately, because one side is flat (the files have all been stripped out of the folders) and the other side, while identical information, is not, the sync comparison seems to be viewing the files as all completely different, and is thus not telling me which files are missing on one side versus the other.

I have also used "flat view mode" when making the comparison, but it hasn't helped.

Does anyone know why this is happening?

The Synchronize tool only compares files if they have the same relative folder structure.

Ahh, I see - that's interesting to know - I've been having that happen no matter which sync/folder compare tool I tried! They must all be using the same basic compare command.

Do you know if there's a way to compare the 'flat' contents of two folders, regardless of whether the folder is flat or not? I have this annoying usage case where I'm trying to see if a sync-folder's contents are the same as the origin folder, even though the destination folder is the flat version of the original. The destination folder reports LESS files than the origin, and the errors it threw (name conflicts) don't account for the discrepancy.

I'm considering it might be better to just copy the contents where i can verify them (TeraCopy), AND THEN set up the sync, so I can at least be sure that the older contents were all copied correctly, and just worry about the sync of the new stuff.

There's no underlying "basic compare command", it's just the way people want synching to work in almost all cases, and the only way synching can work in the general case (where two files may have the same names in different directories and thus cannot be resolved to a single flat destination).

What would adding a TeraCopy copy-and-verify to an intermediate folder get you, other than more complexity? You'd just be duplicating your source folders and then synching the duplicate to your destination, which doesn't seem to get you anywhere. Synching the copies is the same job as synching the originals, and that's the part that's problematic.

With this and your other thread (which are both really the same question, I think?), it seems like you are layering on more and more tools and complexity in an attempt to work around a fairly ridiculous limitation of the "database" tool you are using. It would make a lot more sense to replace that one tool with one that understands folders than to build a Rube Goldberg machine to auto-sync folders into a flat list.

The "Tools" menu of my Directory Opus 12.8 does not contain a "Synchronize" option.

It has "Find Files", "Print / Export Folder listing", "Convert Images", "Set as desktop wallpaper", "Map Network Drive", "Disconnect Network Drive", "Control Panel", "Open in explorer", "PowerShell Here", id + "(Admin)", "Command Prompt Here", id + "(Admin)".

The help states that it should be in the Tools menu though..

Has the Synchronize option moved? Where can it be found now?

Edit: Ah, this is an Opus Pro feature. Oh well, this is as good a reason to upgrade as any other. It seems to work!

In case you're still looking for a flatview-tab to regular-tab comparison, try this script addin, it's a little update. Command.Generic_CompareEx.js.txt v0.2.5 (25.8 KB)

The actual thread to this addin and its explanation can be found here:

Run it like so:
CompareEx TABS=by-name,ignorepaths DESELECTNOMATCH

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Danke schön tbone. I'll try it out; relatively new to Directory Opus, so still lot to learn.