Want to create my own "language pack"

Quick question: In the Directory Opus installation directory */Language there is a list of "language packs", for example english.dll. Can I take one of these *.dll and make modifications to it, then save it as my own personal custom language pack? Purpose is to change some of the default DOpus dialog box strings to something more meaningful to me, usually subtle changes. I've tried this using Resource Hacker, but it doesn't work. Is there a resource that explains how to create my own "language pack"?

No, the strings cannot be modified, except by official translators.

The language packs will only work if they are signed, since the strings are part of the program and changing some of them incorrectly would cause major problems. You would also cause yourself problems every time a new version came out.

There may be other ways to change certain things, depending on what it is you want to change.

OK, I suspected the native DOpus dialog boxes were not editable.

I'll just have to get up to speed on the DOpus 12 new dialog box editor. (This looks like a great tool.) But that will be a project for another time, which I don't have any of.