Wanted Features

  1. I think there should be a popout: "on button press" option for menus. It would be really useful for drive buttons for example. The menu would appear on the top center of the last active lister. Maybe include a few other options like left and right as well.

  2. Single buttons that can be toggled, should have a modifier that would allow dual icons to appear individually on button press.

  3. A menu that has several icons, like view mode for example. Should change the main menu icon with the icon selected in the menu itself. This would be really helpful for 3 buttons too.

  4. In the preferences, there should be an option to change the background color of flatview.

  5. Shorten spacers automatically when adding a new button. This would keep everything the way it was.

Thanks for the suggestions! I'm not exactly sure what you mean by #1 though - could you provide some more details?

From this

To this

Do you mean that youu want a button to toggle a toolbar? If so, you can do that already using the Toolbar command. E.g. Toolbar NAME=MyDrivesBar TOGGLE STATE=Right

By the way, for next time, please ask one question per thread.

The image in the last post I made cuts out unless your in full screen. No I want something slightly different. Say you create a button that is a menu within a menu. Instead of showing the next sub menu above, below, left, right. I want the next sub menu to appear like a normal button. When you press that button the menu appears on the top center of the last active lister.

So if I clicked my drives button it would look like this

If I had a 3 button with sub menus, I would want the menu to appear like the above image.

I just want to chime in and say I really like the ideas about toolbar items changing their icons. I could see that working very well for a view menu, and for basic toggle buttons.

+1 vote for this feature :slight_smile:

Would it still behave like a menu, and disappear once you have selected something or clicked somewhere else, or would you want it to stay there on top of the lister until turned off via another way?

I'm not sure I see the advantage of having the sub-menu open away from its parent menu item and having to move the mouse further to reach it after it opens.

Is the aim to help avoid changing drives (etc.) in the wrong window because you didn't notice which one was active? We have lots of ways to solve that problem, including drive-button menus/drop-downs which always affect one side or the other (or which choose which side to change based on which mouse button or keys you hold down), or the new destination-background-colour option.

Yes, it would still behave like a menu and disappear once you have selected something or clicked somewhere else. No the aim isn't exactly changing drives, just changing the way various sub menus appear. I was thinking you could also define it left or right, where the menu is closest on the toolbar.

I see your point having a sub-menu opening really far away. Maybe using the last active lister isn't a good idea. How about just specifying left and right only?

Have you seen the new Drive List feature in the latest beta? This might do what you want.

There's a video here where you can see how it works.

Hmm, I'm still not really sure if I understand the aim is for the first idea.

What problem do you find with the current behaviour that it would solve? Maybe knowing that will make it clearer to me.

(The Drive List feature & video Jon mentions just above this post may be what you want?)

Toggle buttons already appear "pushed-in" to indicate when they are turned on. Being able to change the icon as well isn't a bad idea, but I don't know if anyone is going to provide alternative icons for many buttons. (Maybe there are some already that you have in mind?)

While I'm not against the idea, personally I find it confusing when programs change toolbar icons to indicate state. Process Monitor does that and, even after using it for years, I am still never sure if the toolbar icons represent the current state of the buttons or if they represent what will happen when I click the buttons. Maybe that's just me, though! :slight_smile:

You mean so that the top button can be clicked to re-activate the most recently used button from the menu/three-button? That's not a bad idea.

You can do that via the Flat View folder format (Prefs / Folders / Folder Formats / Default Formats).

Have you tried setting the spacers to full-width mode?

While in Customize mode, right-click a spacer and set it to full-width. It will use up all extra available space. If you have two they will split the available space in half between each other, and so on.

  1. Just for display purposes. The top center of mainly the left most lister would be a great place to show menus on button press.

BTW I do use the Drive List you recently created, I like it a lot.

  1. I have some icons in mind. Having the ability to change icons would be very useful to me.

  2. yes.

  3. Did not know that. NICE!

  4. Nvm this idea..

Like +1 for buttons toggle I would like to see normal button which supports multifunc like drivebuttons (e.g. for buttons going to specific dir as I don't work with tabs).

You can get "multifunc" behaviour with normal buttons by creating normal three-buttons out of them. The reason drivebuttons have the special "multifunc" mode is that the buttons for the drives are automatically generated, and there is no way to turn those generated buttons into three-buttons without telling the thing which generates them to do that in some way.

I know, use them with GO ... OPENIN... for favorite dirs in dualmode, but to create or change you need to edit 3 buttons (label, action and icon), with a multifunc-option it just would be one!