Warning if you use Bitdefender

I've just had bitdefender kindly break opus. It decided to remove lots of dopus files, and the uk language pack and unins000.dat. Restoring the quarantined files doesn't work as bitdefender messes with the file permissions and makes them basically impossible to be run. It's a pain to get the unins000.dat file back where it should be, and running the uninstall exe throws a permissions error.

It is all caused by the 'advanced threat defence layer' in bitdefender.

I am now having to reinstall Windows as there is no other way to recover everything.

This is a warning to anyone using bitdefender, either uninstall it or disable advanced threat defence. Some research online also points to advanced threat defence ignoring whitelisted programs.

Reinstalling Opus over the top of the existing install might fix things, depending on what Bitdefender has done.

All the files touched by bitdefender arent able to be overwritten, read or modified in anyway

Setup also fails and rollsback any changes it made. I think too many files are broken

Oof, that's pretty bad, especially if Bitdefender doesn't let you undo it.

Indeed. I am going to write to Bitdefender about this. I am going to have to completely reinstall Windows and everything which is extremely inconvenient.

The files and paths will stay locked until the files are restored I guess.

I'm not much of a Win11 user, but in basically all anti virus solutions, you can restore what has been found and locked, don't you think? It is a bit of a painful process, but it's been possible since Microsoft Security Essentials and what is running now on Win10, Defender or what it is called.

I would think Win11 is not much different? Might be worth trying and looking online how to do it, in general it's always the same process. Enter the anti virus settings, locate the list of issues or the list of locked files and "restore" from there. I did this a dozen times, it worked in the past at least.. o)

Here is an article writing about how to do it over GUI and even powershell commands:

Good Luck! o)

I'm still using ESET here.
I get it every Black Friday on Newegg at a huge discounted price for three PCs.
They also have some kind of anti-theft protection but I haven't gone to the setup on it yet.

ESET / Nod32 seems to be the only antivirus that isn't a steaming pile of horse manure and I'm amazed anyone uses anything else :slight_smile:


I have to watch the email advertisements in the dates around Black Friday, but in 2020 I purchased ESET / Nod32 for 3 PCs at $16.87 USD including tax.
ESET does allow you to gift a PC user to anyone else with an purchaser invitation.

In November 2023, I purchased ESET Home Security Essential for 3 PCs at $24.25 USD including tax. They are now pushing Home Security Essential and the discount was for that product. It is that product that has the anti-theft protection feature.

I am a long time user of Kaspersky and I never had any problem with it.

Bitdefender Antivirus PDF manual, pages 61-63.