WASM runtime to allow any language for plugin development

After adding another JScript command I got reminded of the pains of these plugins: ancient JScript version, so many examples you find on google/mdn/SO etc fail, poor standard library and inability to use libraries (so even for your own helpers you have to copy&paste from other plugins), etc.
Then there is the performance downside of scripts

I see that in v13 you've added a simpler Evaluator language to tacke the performance part, but then I've thought that there is this cool new shiny WASM language thing that can not only achieve that, but also hugely improve the ergonomics of writing plugins by allowing you to potentially use any language you like with whatever ecosystem already exists there as long as that language can compile to WASM (and there are already quite a few of those languages) instead of being tied to the ugliness of C++ or suffer with JScript

Now, there is already a topic about modern JavaScript (Support for a better Javscript?), which would partially adress some issues, and then also saw a discussion re C# (Plugins (C#): Is .NET out of the question?)

But I was wondering whether using WASM plugin framework like (just as an illustration) GitHub - extism/extism: The framework for building with WebAssembly (wasm). Easily load wasm modules, move data, call functions, and build extensible apps. or adding WASM in another way could be a great option

What do you think?

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