WAV fmt3 support

Is there a possibility in DOpus to play WAV files in the WAV fmt3 format?

What is WAV fmt3? Google seems to find nothing about the format.


What is it though? What creates it? Where is it documented?

I dont know. I never have this kind of problems wit wave files in DOpus. In every audio program i have (Ableton, Soundforge) i have no problems to play this kind of wave formats.

Are you aiming to play this in the viewer pane, or using the (very) simple audio player Opus has as an option on double-click?

I always preview my wav files with double click with this small audio player. It is very handy way. Foobar also reads this wave format but i prefer dopus.

The bigger problem here may likely be that the samples are 32bit float audio files.

It's amusing that this sample pack is in 32bit float, but then only 48kHz sample rate

Just to fill in some missing information here: fmt3 means that the format code in the wav header is 0x0003, which is 32-bit floating point format.