WAV thumbnails


  • This plugin is 32-bit only.
  • But a similar plugin which works with 64-bit is included with newer versions of Opus.

I wrote this plugin years ago. It's only tested with Opus9, but I thought I might as well post it here as I recompiled it yesterday.

For each wav file, you get a thumbnail of the waveform itself. You get a bigger version if you view it with the Viewer.

It looks cool and is very useful if you do any sound design.

I did intend for it to be a replacement for the built-in WAV player so that it could play 24 and 32-bit WAVs, but I never got around to it.

wav_thumbnails.zip (134 KB)

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Looks neat, any chance you could compile it for 64 bit as well?

That would have been a great addition- would love to see something like this.