Way of marking folders and files for importance or other not

Opus is so vast it may have (or can do) what I want already. I'm looking for a way to mark files and folders somehow, either by color or by icon or maybe with a note, so I can look at them a month later and see that I backed them up on a certain date and that it's okay to delete them. I like to wait a few weeks after doing a back up before I delete files and I thought if I could mark a folder after backing up I would know instantly whether or not I've done it just by looking at the folder tree.

This is sort of like the Adobe Bridge's feature to "rate" pictures with stars except my desire is to use it on regular files and folders as well as pictures.


Well, normally I would suggest you check out the 'Description' setting feature using the SetAttr DESCRIPTION command... but this won't help you if you want to be able to see some visual indicator in the 'folder tree'...

There's no way I know of to modify the folder tree view... And if you're having to resort to looking at file/folder metadata in a file display, rather than looking at file descriptions... have you thought about just relying on the archive bit? You could make it a policy to clear the archice bit's on data when you back it up (if you're BU app doesn't already do it, Dopus can). Then if any changes occur you can tell by which data has it's archive bits re-set? You could use that WITH the method above - which gives you a way of making a note (maybe - date of backup?) in addition to the archive bit flag.

I don't know if GPSoft can modify the icons of particular folders in the folder tree based on some metadata flag... though it would be nice - to allow a user to specify say a red or blue folder icon for folders with particular attributes. It would still even be nice if Dopus could do it just inside the file display. I don't think the control is currently this ganular though.

The description may be good enough for now. Thanks for the heads up!

In case you havent seen it already,
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