Way to repeat a move command to same destination

I'll find myself sorting files into folders and go through a group of unsorted files and decide, let's say, move all the cat photos to a folder labeled Cats. As I make my way down through a long list I'll be moving files to the same folder over and over in small groups. Is there a way to repeat the last move command?

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A button with the command:

COPY MOVE TO=/"your alias"
COPY MOVE TO="your folder path"
COPY MOVE TO="{dlgstring|Path:}"

The last requires inserting the path every time. A way around this is saving the path and pasting it in when the request appears.

Is there a way to repeat the last move command?

I don't think there is. You could add the "Cats" folder to your favorites, either manually or by enabling SmartFavorites (Preferences / Favorites and Recent / SmartFavorites / Enable SmartFavorites™ system) and then display it in a toolbar or in the folder tree.

Another alternative is to make use of the File Collection feature:

  • In the Folder Tree, select File Collections
  • Right-click and select New collection
  • Name it something like Organize photos and press ENTER
  • Select this collection in the Folder Tree
    The Organize photos will be opened in a Lister tab
  • Add a folder to the collection:
    • Drag the Cats folder to this tab
      A dialog appears: "Do you want to add selected folders to the collection as
      collection members, or as sub-collections (including all contents)?"
    • Select Members
  • Repeat for other folders

Now you can SHIFT-drag your photos to the appropriate folder to move them there.

If all photos are sifted, you kan keep the collection for later use or delete it.

To delete a collection, right-click it in the folder tree and select Delete
This will delete just the collection and keeps your Cats alive :wink:

You might find these useful for selecting files in many different places and then copying or moving them all to one place:

Since Opus can be a dual-pane file manager, you can also keep the destination folder open on the right while you go through folders on the left, selecting and copying/moving things across. The Copy Files button/hotkey will send things from source to destination in one push, without having to use drag & drop or copy and paste.

Quick buttons for directory organisation - Buttons/Scripts - Directory Opus Resource Centre (dopus.com)