Ways to "carefully" activate lister in DualLister layout

I want to activate lister without losing set of selected files. I found only one way to do that - click on unused space in tabs region of passive lister. Are there any other ways?

You can also do it by clicking the status bar, but even easier - turn off Preferences / File Displays / Mouse / Allow file selection when clicking to activate Lister and you can click anywhere.

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The description of that flag is right what I need.
"If a Lister is not the active window, clicking on a file display to activate it can have the unintended consequence of altering the file selection state. Turn this option off to prevent a click that activates the Lister from selecting or deselecting files."
But when I uncheked it

nothing changed in click reaction of inactive lister. And if I click on unused region of lister I lose selection of files

The first checkbox is about activating the top-level window.

The checkbox right below that is about changing which side of a dual-display window is source when the window itself is already active.

You probably want to turn both of them off.

Now it works as I need. Thanks

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Another useful option/alternative is:

  • Preferences / File Displays / Border / Click on destination's toolbar only changes state

Turning that on means you can click on the whole file display toolbar (aka "location bar") at the top of each side to make that side the source. The downside is you then need to click twice when you want to actually click on any of the buttons or edit the path in that toolbar when it's the destination side.