WEBM support for thumbnails

Format : WebM
Format version : Version 2
File size : 2.86 MiB
Duration : 30 s 100 ms
Overall bit rate : 798 kb/s
Writing application : Lavf56.7.104
Writing library : Lavf56.7.104

ID : 1
Format : VP8
Codec ID : V_VP8
Duration : 30 s 100 ms
Bit rate : 759 kb/s
Width : 800 pixels
Height : 600 pixels
Display aspect ratio : 4:3
Frame rate mode : Constant
Frame rate : 30.000 FPS
Compression mode : Lossy
Bits/(Pixel*Frame) : 0.053
Stream size : 2.72 MiB (95%)
Default : Yes
Forced : No[/code]

I have the following WEBM file and I can't have thumbnails. I only have installed LAVfilters. The file is playable with Media Player Classic - Home Cinema which uses LAVfilters internally and Irfan View which depends on DirectShow filters. My system runs Windows 10 x64 and the Dopus is also x64. So does the LAVfilters. With all other thumbnails I'm fine.

Do you get thumbnails for them in Explorer?

No. The same thing. The icon only.

There's probably something missing from the registry in that case. I'm not sure what exactly, though, as writing/registering thumbnailers for movie files isn't something I've done before.

The PerceivedType stuff is sometimes key for making Windows treat things as videos, but your best bet is probably to ask on a forum with experts in video software (AfterDawn is one I know of). If the thumbnails work in Windows generally and Explorer, then they should show up in Opus as well, since we ask the OS for thumbnails that we can't generate with our built-in code.

I'll ask to the forum that you suggest. I'll post also the answer.

The solution was icarus software. It enabled thumbnails to Dopus and Explorer. Everything is fine now.

For those who struggled to find this, it's just called Icaros. The official download mirror is at MajorGeeks:


But he does have a website with Icaros mentioned here: