What am I doing wrong?

I go into a folder with mp3's in it. I'm in Details mode and I want to see some info and some I don't. So I click on the Tabs in the folder and choose "Mode" to open the "Folder Options" screen. I choose all the stuff I want and save it to all folders (since I want all folders that have music in it to show me that info). Now when I leave that folder and go right back into it all the custumization I just did is gone.

What am I doing wrong?


Go to Preferences, Folders, Folder Formats and look at which formats are defined in there.

You might have other formats defined for the folder which override the default one you saved for all folders (which I think affects the format called "custom").

It's also quite likely that you're being confused by the Content Type Detection system in Opus which will, for example, switch to the Music format if it sees a directory with lots of music files. If you don't want the switch to happen you can disable the detection system entirely via the checkbox in Preferences, Folders, Options or disable some/all of the content formats in the Folder Formats tab.