What are the sqigly charactures in size column?

What are the sqigly charactures in size column of the file display pane?
See the screen shot I've attached & note inparticular, the "Program Data"
folder & the "User" & "Windows" folder.


If means the values are approximate because Opus could not examine all of the subfolders (due to your account not having permission to look inside all of them).

Thank you. That raises another question then. I have my status bar configured to show me the total folders selected along with the total size for the folders selected. Does that mean that what my status bar shows me is also approimate because of the "Permissions" aspect that you pointed out??


The statusbar selected-folder count won't be approximate since you cannot select a folder that you can't see.

The statusbar selected-size count will be approximate if the sizes shown in the window are approximate, of course. If your user account doesn't have permission to list a sub-directory then the statusbar cannot access the information, the same as the file display.