What credentials and for what computer?

I'm trying to network two computers.
At Windows 10 Professional who windows 11 Professional.
I got so far as to have my B drive displayed onto my Windows 10. my issue is that when I click on the B Drive displaying all my folders I cannot get into my folders. The box that comes up is asking for credentials and I don't know what connectors they want. For which computer?
My Windows 11
Robert Snow
Serial-I use a pin

My Windows 10
Bob Snow
Serial-I Use a pin


Also, it says Bob, not Bob Snow or Robert Snow

There is no way for us to know what your Windows usernames and passwords are, so we can't answer this question. :slight_smile:

The window comes up wile I'm on the Windows 10 portable computer wen I'm trying to access my Windows 11 desktop computer. It ask for my network credentials.

I'm using a Wi-Fi network. By default the Windows Security Is asking for credentials for the RAM1, computer name of the Windows 11 desktop. The name Bob, don't know were that is coming from.

My first thought is it is asking for my Wi-Fi Name and password.

What I'm trying to do is have my Portable, Windows 10, access the desktop computer so I can select a file.
I want to use Microsoft-OneNote which is on the Portable select a file that is on my desktop. I was able to do that using Opus a few years back. At least I think it was Opus since that's all I use.
Note: This might be a Windows issue, but someone on this forum might have ad this same Issue.

It is asking for credentials of a registered user from the PC you are connecting to.

When you try to access a file on PC2 via PC1 you have to enter on PC1 in this dialog the name and a password of a user, that is registered on PC2.

Or in your case: If you use the windows 11 PC as robert and try to access the windows 10 PC, you have to enter the credentials from Bob.
Seems you are trying it the other way around according to the picture. You are using "Ram2" and try to connect to "Ram1" right? Then you have to enter the credentials from Robert Snow (if that is the user name).

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Yes, I'm trying to log on to RAM1. If I got you right, I would use the RAM1 password, the one I use to log into the RAM1 computer. Can I also use the pin, I'm uncertain of the original password I used?

With Pin you mean the windows hello pin? I think, no.
You need the password.

Then you have to change the password.

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Just what I needed. Thanks for the help.