What happened? Dopus is awful now!

In v9:

QuickPAR does not show up in the context menu with Dopus. (It works just fine in Windows Explorer and FreeCommander).

Dopus does not respect my default program settings. For example, it opens JPGs in FastStone viewer rather than ACDSee (Again, Explorer and FC are fine).

Clicking on the "Modified" column sorts the newest files/folders to the bottom. (Explorer and FreeCommander sort the newest to the top)

Removing the ListerMenu toolbar also removes the keyboard shortcuts that might have been associated with those menu items, even if they are global Windows shortcuts. For example, CTRL+A to select all no longer works if the ListerMenu toolbar is removed.

I can't seem to get the drive buttons to stick vertically between the folder tree and the file list like I used to.

Now that I can finally afford Dopus, it stinks! :cry:

QuickPar: Have you turned on the option in Opus to "hide Windows items on context menus?" If so the QuickPar item will only appear if you hold shift when you right click (or turn the option back off, or if you force its item to appear, as described in the tutorials section of the forum).

FastStone: Try using the Open With menu to associate FastOne with the filetype. That should make Opus recognise the association if it hasn't already.

Modified column: Go to Settings -> Preferences -> Display -> Fields, select the Date and Date/Time fields and set the Reverse standard sort direction checkbox for each of them.

ListerMenu: If the hotkeys are defined in a menu/toolbar and you close that toolbar then the hotkeys go as well. If you don't want the menu/toolbar but still want the hotkeys then you have to copy them to standalone hotkeys. You can do that in Settings -> Customize -> Keys.

Vertical drive buttons: Just drag the toolbar between the tree and the file display.

None of these things are new behaviours but they're all solvable anyway.

General: Please ask one question per post, if the questions are unrelated.

I haven't turned on the option to "hide Windows items on file context menus". It is unchecked. QuickPAR simply isn't an option. However, I see the dBpoweramp "Convert to" option is there, and that's a plus over FreeCommander, which ignores it the same way Dopus ignores QuickPAR.

Choosing Open With to force Dopus to use ACDSee instead of FastStone causes Dopus to crash.

Reverse standard sort direction checkbox fixed that problem, but by default it should be set the way Windows does it. Who knows where to look for these obscure settings? Same for global Windows keys (your suggestion fixed it, thanks).

The toolbar thing works, too. For some reason it wouldn't dock there before.

I'm certainly less frustrated now. Thank you! :blush:

I've got the latest version of QuickPar installed and I don't see its context menu in anything, not even Explorer. It's turned on in QuickPar's options. Which filetypes does it add a menu item for and what's the item called?

Change title to 'QuickPar stinks' - lol...

I installed it also and then didn't see it in either Explorer or Opus, after enabling shell integration and file associations in the options during it's install... So I rebooted, still no context menu oin either Explorer or Opus. I went back into options, and the integration and file associations changes weren't enabled anymore. Re-enabled and it works in both Opus and Explorer...

You can use this to explixitly force a QuickPar menu by adding it to the All files or All files and folders file type in Opus:

FileType CONTEXTMENU {D120D80B-BD26-4A74-8E43-2C2AF0966139} CONTEXTFORCE

Could this be a 64bitWin/32bitApp compatability thing? What OS are you using?

F1 Help, search for "sort" and third topic: Reverse order: Reverses the order of the sort.... Always a case to be made for what defaults should be - but it is what it is, and it's 'different' :slight_smile:.

QuickPAR's context menus don't work under X64.

See quickpar.org.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?id=730

[quote="Upquark"]QuickPAR's context menus don't work under X64.

See quickpar.org.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?id=730[/quote]

They didn't work under Explorer in 32-bit Vista for me either, FWIW.