What is the actual command for the default F4 key?

I would like to reassign the F4 key to do something and re-assign the command contained for F4 (Activate path field) to another function key.

When editing that key I can see that for edit there is no "advanced" button and also it is not possible to delete that assignment.

Is it possible to change the assignment and what is the commande for "Activate path field"?

You can delete the assignment by editing it, clicking the arrow on the right of the hotkey field, and selecting Clear from the menu.

You can change it by typing another key into the field.

What you're editing there is the actual Location field. It's the same thing you'll see if you go to Settings -> Customize, then right-click the Location field and choose Edit.

The hotkey is bound to the field itself, not to a command. (I think there might be a command which does the same thing but not certain off the top of my head.)

Thank you for the information.

I have tried to search for the equivalent command, but cannot find the exact equivalent. It would be useful to know what it is.

You can use go pathentry to display a path-field that you can type into, if that's all you want.