What is the best way to Show/Hide Hidden/System Files?

Can anuone help me with the best way to show / hide the hidden/system files?

In ServantSalamender all I had to do was Ctrl + H To toggle. I'v searched the forums and found a toggle button to do this but on ly applies to the source in commander view or dual view etc.

Is there any way of toggling this property globally. I know each lister is independent and I know the preference setting Folders -> Options -> Hide System files ..... but what about hidden.

Iknow about filters but is there a global filter filter that can be applied ?


Thanks for bringing that up. I had just been asking myself the same question.

Before the experts jump in with much better answers, here is a simple one.


Add a new one: Ctrl+H

Call if whatever you want, eg "Toggle hidden files"

Edit that in "Advanced".

Use the functions


Seems to work here.

I spent some time trying with the manual to work out what to do. Not a chance.

In the end, I reckoned that there would be something here already. So I went to the "Buttons & Toolbars" section – "Keys" can also be "buttons" in the sense that the same program functions seem to work – and searched for "Toggle hidden".

I found this:


Buried in there I got the clues I needed.

You could always copy the XML for the button to a toolbar and then set up a "Key" for that.

That discussion has plenty of other thoughts on subtle variations on the theme you raised.

Try this button code:

dopusrt /cmd Set HIDEFILTERATTR h dopusrt /cmd Set DEST=Focus dopusrt /cmd Set HIDEFILTERATTR h

It doesn't work without dopusrt /cmd and it only works in dual-file display modes in the current lister! :wink:

Leo wrote (here: [Button which toggles the display of hidden files?)):

quote In the case of the Hidden option, on the other hand, it seems fairly common for people to want to hide Hidden files in some folders but not others, so it seems sensible that it's part of Folder Options/Formats.

None of which really helps you make a button which toggles Hidden files in all folders at once (...)[/quote]

You can also use Set HIDESYSTEMFILES=Toggle which is a global toggle for the setting which hides System+Hidden files. (i.e. Files which have both S and H attributes set.)