What is the name of a toolbar's window class?

Hi folks,

I'm trying to turn a floating toolbar into a "sticky window" using the excellent virtual desktop program Dexpot under Windows 7. Dexpot can recognize sticky windows by executable name, window name, or window class. I'm trying to figure out the most specific identifier for my floating toolbar because I don't want any other Dopus windows to be sticky except for the one toolbar (an app launcher).

I've found via messages on this forum that the window class name for a lister is "dopus.lister." Does a floating toolbar has it's own window class name, e.g., dopus.toolbar? Alternatively, is there a way to give a floating toolbar a window name? Dexpot can recognize window names, too, but I don't believe my floating toolbar has a name, unless it's the name under which I've saved it as a lister layout.

Much thanks,
Tom Davey
New York NY U.S.A.

The window class is dopus.button.display (found using the Spy++ tool that comes with Visual Studio, FWIW; just point at a window and it'll tell you its class).

Hi Leo,

Thanks very much for this name. Hmm, Dexpot isn't making this window class sticky, for some reason. I will post this issue in the Dexpot support forums and report back what I hear.

Tom Davey
New York, NY, U.S.A.