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What is the name of these buttons?


Vainly tried to find the name of this box/these controls, where users usually can set a value, i.e.
if I were to refer to this .. what? - how would I then name it?




Its an Edit box with the numeric Up/Down Control enabled.
is that what you needed?


Thanks for the reply. It is not specifically Opus related, but more in general.
Let's say, in Windows (or in any other application) if I were to tell someone he/she should use these 'controls', or 'scroll controls' or whatever the name is.
Spent quite some time on checking Internet, one can find names of a thousand buttons, but this one??
Beats me..


In Windows it's also called an up/down control or sometimes a spinner control.


Ah, right!
Many thanks indeed.
Exactly what I was looking for.