What is this in v10.0.2.1?

I downloaded the program from here. Also I use 60 day trial. After 5 minutes,DOPUS gave me this:


How many times have you used the 60 day trial? :slight_smile:

This is not WTF but it shows that you are a 'bad boy'. You are trying to use DOpus beyond free period.

Once installed, DOpus writes bunch of registry entries and even WHEN you uninstall it those damn registry entries do not get removed. This is VERY dirty behavior from down under, but they have to protect their product otherwise people would install/uninstall DOpus ever 2 months and use it free forever...
How to clean your system from DOpus? Re-image your hard drive or buy legitimate license.

I still believe that NOT REMOVING all DOpus remnants from ones system during un-installation is bad practice. You might think that they left who knows what else on your system. Spyware, viruses, etc. Bad Dopus, bad.

Not much to argue with here, but how much software does clean up after itself, leaving no trace whatsoever?

To ascribe this to GP Software's anti-piracy regime is taking conspiracy theories to extreme.

The widespread failure to completely remove registry stuff is why people like to play with those dangerous registry cleaning utilities.

First, this isn't meant to spark an argument or anything... just my opinion, no more - no less.

That said - I think observing how a program leaves behind an indicator (allegedly in the registry, which you don't even know for sure) of when it was installed so as to track and protect against abuse of its licensing agreement is hardly grounds for even indirectly suggesting that it might also leave behind malware of any kind. I think that's a really undeserved and alarmist / inflammatory remark...

The fact that Opus has the sort of nagging easter eggs that the OP asked about in the event it detects you're trying to circumvent the licensing agreement is totally immaterial to whether or not the program leaves behind a remnant indicating it had once been installed.

But since it's come up - I'd humbly suggest that simply leaving behind an indicator as to when a program was installed is hardly cause for re-imaging ones hard drive... and I think it's mostly FUD or an anal retentive sense of cleanliness that causes most people to feel the need to completely re-image/re-install a system after trialling software; I'm actually one such person myself... There's nothing malicious whatsoever with this practice, and its certainly not unique in any way whatsoever to Opus. That's not a "defense" or "justification" of the practice - just a practical reality. Of course, there are edge cases where some programs leave alot more garbage behind than others; maybe to the extent of negatively impacting some aspect of system performance or stability - but I don't think there's any reason to suspect Opus (or any other product that leaves behind only an indicator of previous install date) of being such a program.

'nuff said
awaiting this thread being locked :smiley:

I just use virtual machines for the purpose of evaluation, and keep a stable set of applications for years in main OS. I think this is a perfect solution.
I don't care for protection scheme, as long as it is unobtrusive and reasonable, and I really prefer having it than applications I use going out of business because of insufficient revenue, or releasing yearly "upgrades" just to keep money coming.

Why would you lock this thread? Because you agree that your favorite app can mess your system and leave garbage behind? Do you work for GP Soft?

Besides leaving garbage in registry, DOpus leaves some hidden files on your system after uninstall. I understand they have to fight piracy but when one does uninstall, NOTHING should be left. They should lock some features in eval version instead of providing full featured version.

Nicely written app when uninstalled SHOULD remove all remnants and tracks of itself. This is just my point of view.

How to fight piracy? Do not be greedy. Do not expect to make a million in a year. If DOpus would have a price of $20 instead of $85 nobody would waste time to find a way to use it 'for free' and user base will be much bigger.

This isn't a place to complain about the price of Opus. The forum is for solving technical issues.

If anyone can point to a single actual problem caused by the data that Opus -- like almost every other piece of software on the planet that allows for trial versions -- leaves behind then we'll gladly fix the problem.

(But do so in another thread, because this thread is about the issue in the root post was resolved in the first reply.)

The fact is, it does not cause any problems or leave behind anything you would ever notice unless you explicitly went hunting for it. If you are that concerned about an extra file or registry entry on your computer, you should use disk imaging or a virtual machine before trying any piece of software.

I expect predictions the thread would be locked were because threads about piracy rarely last long before straying way off-topic (for the thread itself and often for the forum as a whole), just like this one has.