What slows down opening the most?

I just reinstalled windows and DO and i see that it opens immediately after clicking on it on the taskbar.
Loading a backup to get all my settings back there is an evident slowdown, so i'm wondering what is the main cause of this since i have changed/added many settings from default.

i tried to disable all scripts but no change
i already use the "loading at startup" or how it's called in english

Difficult to answer without knowing what's in your configuration.

General slowdown or instability investigation steps may be of help.

i'm not asking "what of my settings..." but "what settngs slow down the most?" so i can check if have changed something

example: i have many folder format because DO doesn't save the format on exit and it needs all those specific settings...is this something that slow down the opening?
or custum toolbars

other than that i didn't change much but maybe there a single setting that has huge impact.

The guide I linked lists those things. But it's like asking a doctor "which illnesses make me feel the worst" without listing any specific symptoms.

Having lots of folder formats won't slow things down. Using certain columns in the formats might.

Custom toolbars might slow things down. It depends how they have been customized.

Buttons, favorites, shortcuts, etc. that point to network shares on machines that aren't on the network often slow things down. Those should be one of the things in the FAQ I linked to.

"What settings slow down most?" - lol, that could be everything, depending on your configuration (not only DO) - btw. Leo already gave you a link with general hints!

it's too long to read and understand and i read "CPU usage" "memory"...something i didn't mention. I talk only about opening speed.
system/PC configuration doesnn't count since the speed changes only when i load a backup, and my PC is the same.

Try reading through the items one at a time, and skip the ones that don't seem relevant because you haven't made changes like that to your configuration (which is a detail only you know).

Other than that, there is no magical way we can answer "what is making my configuration slow", because we have no idea what's in your configuration. All we can do is give you a long list of possibilities.

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