What version of DOPUS am I using?

I've just updated my computer (rather expensively) and I've been having a couple of problems with DOPUS (strange behaviour and crashing), so I thought it was time to do a new install. I downloaded 12.25 and ran the install routines, but when I checked under the "Help" menu option, the version number was shown as 12.19, with a release date of 06/01/2020. Clearly something is wong somewhere, but I don't know where. I know I ran the 12.25 file I had downloaded, so I don't thnk I installed an old one in error.

By the way, it's just crashed again, and the error message says "The error (0xC0000005) occurred in thread "dopus lister" at address 0x00007FFC6EA8876C". Then it offers to close the thread and allow Dopus to keep running, although that doesn't always work.

There's one other odd thing that's happening. My hard drive is partitioned into a number of sectins, and as part of the computer update, I'm moving everything to a faster hard drive. I need to know the size of the old partitions so that I can set up the new one as close to the old as possible. So I right-click on a partition to find the Properties to get the size and check for file compression, and the first time all is fine. But when I right-click on a second partition, the window is blank, one line in height, and only a few characters wide. Never seen that before.

Two questions, two strange happenings.Any clues please? Thanks in advance,


For the installer issue, try completely uninstalling Opus, rebooting, then installing it again. (If you have config changes you want to preserve, backup your config first via Settings > Backup & Restore, which you can also use to load the backup into the new version.)

With the crash, please send us the logs for analysis: Automatic crash logs (for bug reports)

For the Properties dialog, does the same happen in File Explorer if you do the same sequence of actions? That sounds like something in either Windows itself or a shell extension that adds itself to the properties dialog has gone wrong.