Whats up with TC VFS Plugin?

In some previous versions of DOpus did included tc.dll plugin for connecting TotalCmd plugins to DOpus. And it was worked!

Why newer versions of DOpus doesn't contain this VERY NEEDED plugin?

I don't think it was ever included with Opus. It was (maybe still is?) available to download in a forum thread somewhere but that's all AFAIK.

No. It was been included in some 8.x distribution. This plugin copyrighted by GPSoftware 2003-2004.

I'd be surprised if it was ever included with Opus, since it was an experimental thing and never fully finished, but maybe.

I found a thread from 2005 where Jon said this (with a link to download the plugin, but the link no longer works):

Which TC plugins do you want this for, out of interest?

I need almost of all TC plugins, especially archiver's plugins. I think that many peoples wants the same.
I Very hope GPSoftware renew it for DOpus 9.x compatibility.

Most archive formats, ISO images etc., will be covered in Opus 10 (whenever that is done).

You surely don't really need "almost all TC plugins" as many of them are extremely esoteric beyond the archive/ISO stuff.

Also, AFAIK, the TC plugin never lost compatibility AFAIK so if you can find a copy it'll work (or not) as well as it ever did. It just never seemed worth finishing.

I have this tc.dll. I've place it in VFSPlugins folder, restart dopus, but in Settings-Plugins-VFS I see only RAR.

There was never a 64-bit version so if you're using Win7 64-bit the 32-bit version would not work.

AFAIK there is no 64-bit version of TC so all of its plugins are 32-bit DLLs. It would be a lot of extra work to make them work with 64-bit Opus so, combined with the problems the technique always had with major differences in how Opus and TC work, I can't see the TC plugin being updated/finished.

IMO, it's better to write proper Opus plugins where they are needed, if there is demand for them. So far I think 7zip is the only thing people have asked for, and that's being worked on (along with several other archive formats).

I've placed it in x86/VFSplugins folder too.

About writing plugins: for TC we see tonns of plugins, and only one for Dopus? Why GPSoftware doesn't create plugins? Dopus users need a lot of plugins for: tar, gz, bz2, iso and clones, ace, etc. I see only asking for this plugins from users, but no one solution from GPSoftware or other users. Sad, very sad situation.

That is only relevant when exporting a 32-bit copy to a USB stick.

I think the question is more, why don't lots of other people write plugins for Opus like they do for TC?

All of which (except maybe ACE; not sure about that one) are being addressed for Opus 10.

Maybe writing plugins for opus is so hard, because no one to try this :slight_smile:

Glad to hear that Opus 10 will open most of needed archive types. Any information when Opus 10 will be released?

Not yet.

Ok. Thank Leo for answers.

But anyway TC plugin for Opus9/10 would be good too. Because previous version almost works good with tc-plugins. I've tested with iso, lzx and other types.

Like I said, it'd be a lot of work to make the TC plugin function with 64-bit, and it never worked that well in the first place, so it doesn't seem worth spending the time on when native support for the formats you mention is coming.

If you want support for specific additional formats then by all means mention them, but let's leave how that support is implemented up to the people doing the work.

Is there a way for DOpus (Windows version :wink: ) to handle .lzx files?

Don't think so.

Opus 10 now supports most formats that 7-Zip supports, but 7-Zip doesn't seem to understand LZX (at least the file I found to test with).

If 7-Zip doesn't handle LZX then Opus won't either, unless someone writes a VFS plugin specifically for the LZX format.