When I remote desktop to my laptop, I only see the drives on the Desktop machine, not the laptop

Is there a way to make the drives on the laptop show up when I remote desktop to that machine?

Do you see them in File Explorer but not in Opus, or is this a question about how to use Windows/Remote Desktop?

As far as I know, Remote Desktop can map drives for you, but it maps them in the other direction. You can make drives on your client machine available while on the remote machine.

If you have admin rights to the remote machine then you can share folders over the network to access things that way (whether or not Remote Desktop is also being used at the time).


When I try to look at files on my laptop (the machine I am remotely connecting to from my desktop), I see the files and folders on my desktop, not the laptop that I want to use.

When connected to a remote computer and I run Win Expl ON the REMOTE computer I can see all the drives on the remote computer AND the drives on my local computer that I have specified to be visible on the remote computer. If I run Dopus (or Win Expl) on my local computer I can only see drives on my local computer. I cannot see any drives on the remote computer. I do not believe RDP allows the local computer to see drives on the remote computer via Win Expl. Are you sure you are not running Dopus on your local computer?