When opening a folder through idm, opus has a long wait to open the corresponding file

Honeycam 2024-01-29 16-17-53
Honeycam 2024-01-29 16-20-31
This operation is normal in opus 12.33

Problem opus version: 13.1
idm version: 6.42

The display mode is enhanced mode, or in detailed mode, check the option to select the first file in the display bar.

Demonstrations of two scenarios are provided in the attachment:

  1. Demo of problematic opus13.1
  2. Demo of opus12.33 without problems

Non-still picture, please wait patiently for a while

Have you rebooted since installing 13 over 12? It's possible the old DLL is still loaded into some programs, which might explain what you're seeing.

Yes, I restarted. In order to prevent some settings from interfering, I uninstalled and reinstalled opus13, and the settings were completely reset (I also performed a restart test after installation, and the problem remained)

Hello, has this problem been determined, or is it a problem with my settings?

Probably a problem on your side. Works fine here. Or did I misinterpret the situation?

This is not the case. If you download any file through idm and open the folder through idm, it will take a while for the associated opus to display the status of the corresponding selected file.

Honeycam 2024-01-29 16-17-53

Please be patient and watch this demo, it will last about 1 minute.

Is the problem determined?

If you open the same file twice in a row, is it slow both times?

Yes, confirmed here, but I didn't restart the PC after enabling Explorer Replacement, it took about 20 seconds to select.


Hello, has this problem been determined, or is it a problem with my settings?

Hello, has this problem been determined, or is it a problem with my settings?

Not yet, and please stop spamming the thread.

We have several hundred threads to work through at the moment.

Okay, I just want to confirm whether the problem exists. The feedback information is not the problem scenario I described, so I sent some information to supplement the description.

I think this is something IDM will have to change on its side.

It appears to be doing this:

  • Open the folder by using ShellExecuteEx on the folder path with null verb. (Fine so far.)
  • I assume it then tries to find the File Explorer window based on the window title/class and process, or something similar which would only apply to File Explorer and won't work if the folder opens in something else.
  • After a while it seems to stop waiting for the File Explorer window to appear.
  • It then runs explorer.exe with some arguments to ask it to select the file. Opus intercepts that, but the long delay has already happened due to IDM apparently waiting for a window to appear.

Basically, IDM is probably assuming File Explorer is what folders always open in, and if so needs to be changed.

Opus implements the COM API for finding File Explorer windows so things can find them via that. But the window titles/classes and process name obviously won't be the same for Opus and File Explorer, if those are being used instead.

The easiest fix for IDM would be for it to not do any of the above, and instead just call SHOpenFolderAndSelectItems, which is an API that exists for doing this exact thing. That API works with both Opus and File Explorer.

Alternatively, they could let you configure the command(s) to run to open folders and select files, so you could specify alternative file managers. That would require the user set things up manually, but would also work with more alternative file managers, since many don't handle SHOpenFolderAndSelectItems (which is quite complex to make work!).


Yes, I also verified that the corresponding file location can be opened through downloading in chrome and edge browsers, and the corresponding file can be quickly selected without delay.

On the other hand, while keeping the idm version consistent, opus version 12.33 can also quickly open the directory and select the corresponding file.

Sorry, due to the frequent replies here last time, unnecessary interference was caused.

Surprisingly, in opus version 12.33, it is normal when idm opens the folder association.

Since I am a loyal user of Opus rather than IDM, I cannot easily get in touch with them. Hope you understand

Maybe IDM detected 12.33 windows but can’t detect 13 ones or something. You would need to ask the IDM developers.