When opening images in Photos app from directory opus next and previous images wont be recognized

Hi! me again

ok last thread for a while i swear!!!

there is this issue when opening pictures from directory opus were "Photos app" wont recognize
that there are more pictures on the folder and wont shot next/ the arrow ill illustrate with images for clearer understanding


Directory Opus

Att didier, thanks in advanced.

You're not the first to notice this:


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I see... i have read a few post and i see this is beyond opus scope, its a "Photos app" problem "or" due to obfuscation on Microsoft part

thanks for the quick reply ill look for alternatives. any good recommendations?

Thanks for the help

PSA Qview if you just want to see you pictures and be able to use you arrows absolutely 0 clutter and it works with directory opus + its opensource and does not require admin privileges

(is you are interested GitHub - jurplel/qView: Practical and minimal image viewer it seem it would go well with opus for easy preview before opening Lightroom) it does not work with RAW files so use the jpg+raw if you wanna use this solution

that's it no interface no nonsense

You can re-bind the arrow keys in the Opus viewer.