Where are search filters saved?

I have begun creating and adding to a list of search filters.

I don't like to reach for the mouse and click very much.

Are the named search filters saved to a text file somewhere that I can edit that file and add manually in a text editor?

Is it possible without clicking to copy the file that contains one search filter to another file and then edit that file with a text editor?

I can close dopus while doing this so that on launch, it will re-read the list of filters.

You can delete, edit, and rename Filters by navigating as follows:
Settings > Preferences > File Operations > Filters.
I wish one delete filters directly as one can do in other applications instead of having to go into preferences. It adds a level of complexity I think is not needed.
I hope they will consider adding this in the main UI. I have seen one or two other comments in this forum about the same thing, so I know I am not alone.

If you type /dopusdata/Filters into the path field and push return, it'll take you to the folder the filters are stored in.

They are in XML format, so you can edit them in a text editor, although it isn't generally recommended to edit them by hand.