Where are the DO9 Configuration Files Located?

It's probably posted somewhere in the forums, but where are the DO configuration files located in Vista? I want to back up just the config files during my backup process without having to back up the whole program.

Is there a way to hide empty drives in the directory tree?


I'm definitely no expert, but they actually incorporated configuration backing up and restoring into DO.

If you go into "Settings > Preferences..." the DO Preferences window will open. In there go into "File > Backup & Restore..." where you can Backup & Restore configurations preferences.

As for hiding empty drives, looks like this will probably have the solution.

[Prefs EXPORTSETTINGS= gone?! - #2 by Leo)

resource.dopus.com/viewtopic.php ... empty+tree
resource.dopus.com/viewtopic.php ... empty+tree

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