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Where can I find forums that discuss new Operating Systems?

I've been doing a search and I'm trying to find a forum that discusses totally redesigning the personal computer operating system. It's been decades since Windows OS first came and nothing really has changed that much. I'd love to talk to people about what could improve Windows OS. I actually think that the Windows OS should be completely scrapped and a new computer system should be designed from the bottom-up.

Would anyone know of any websites that would discuss this topic in depth?

When Windows first came to market the target audience was the client PC end user and the growth engine was PC sales. These days the growth engine is smart phones and to a lesser extent tablets so there is no financial motivation to develop a new OS for PCs. In addition, unless the new OS was compatible with existing Windows applications it would struggle to get critical mass. Whilst most Windows users have some complaints it represents "the devil they know" and even if a wonderful new OS were to magically appear resistance to change represents a giant hurdle. For every @SoBreezyInChile who is ready to jump on something new there would be millions who would never contemplate moving from familiar Windows surroundings. Just consider how Microsoft has struggled to get Windows XP users to move to Windows 7, the commercial debacle (an attempt at a semi-radical change) that was Windows 8, and the huge number of people who are steadfastly refusing to move from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

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You are late to party when it comes to designing an OS. o)
I don't know any website or forum, Reddit maybe?!

What's not to like about current Android/Windows/iOS?


I wasn't really talking about a type of tranformation from Windows XP to Windows 7. I was referring to completely thinking of new ways to store information. Get rid of the windows concept and think of something completely new. Something on the order of MS-DOS to Windows.

I would get rid of..

  • privacy violating modules
  • cloud connection
  • subscriptions
  • authorities listening

..first, before removing the windows! o)

But sure, many people have hard times understanding where and how on the computer/cloud their data is stored. It might be part of the concept, they don't need to know where their stuff is and they don't need to know who is looking into it. o) If you come up with something the regular human being understands and which holds up privacy, I'm in! o)

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Hey tbone,

I didn't notice your reply so doing the courtesy of replying now.

I think that windows actually have to be dumped! We need a new way of thinking about organizing data. For example, Directory Opus itself shows that the current Window OS is lacking big time. It's much better than Window's File Explorer. That is agreed upon but fundamentally, why is it better? It's not just the mere double pane; it's something more. I think Directory Opus developers don't know exactly why their windows are better and adding features, using trial and error. I'm looking for people who will help me think fundamentally what makes something better or worse. Figure out a set of rules, instead of just improving through trial error which will take forever.