Where is License Manager


I have just upgrade to DOpus 10, but I can't find out how to access License Manager to install the new Lincese (what happened to having a nice easy Help menu with the option on there!). The EMail I recieved with the instructions are a bit vague!

Also does anyone know how to upgrade the usb version and if I can reclaim the USB licence from a drive and install it on a new usb device or do I have to buy a new license



The license manager is in the help menu in the top menu.

You can upgrade at the GPSoft website:


The USB license will be added to your current certificate (or you get a new license code, makes no difference), so you don´t need to buy a completely new license.

You mean this help menu? :slight_smile:

I found the subject and the two replies with the screen shot. Unfortunately my help requester does not show a Licence Manager. Suggestions?

Are you really using Opus 6 like your account says?

The toolbars were quite different back then. I can dig out a copy of Opus 6 and install it if that's what you want, although I think there was just a menu called "Help" on the right which had similar items in it, from memory. (My memory may be rusty, though, as Opus 6 was over 10 years ago. :slight_smile:)

Just right for people who insist that Windows XP, which recently celebrated its 10th birthday, is the best version of Windows ever.

Opus 6 Help menu has:
Opus help topics......
keyboard maps....

GP on the web>

About directory Opus

That's it! No mention of licence manager. What's next?

I've reinstalled Opus 6 on a test machine, and I don't think it actually had a licence manager back then.

The licence details were input as part of the installer wizard. In Opus 6, your licence details can be seen in the Help -> About Directory Opus window, but you must already know those since you've recently linked your forum account to them.

What is it that you want the Licence Manager for, in Opus 6?

(If you want to manage your GPSoftware account, e.g. to change your email address or buy upgrades or similar, that's done online, here: GPSoftware: My Account.)

I just purchased Opus 10, saved the downloaded .txt file to my dopus directory. Nothing happened. Following instructions I then looked for the licence manager and I'm stuck.I assume the L.M. would have used the text file to go out and download Opus 10. Perhaps what I need is a clean install as if I didn't have Opus 6. Can that be arranged?

You can download Opus 10 from the website. Links to the latest version are in my signature.

The licence file is only used after you have installed Opus 10; it isn't needed to download and install it.

This topic is old but still pertinent. I'm testing DO and the website says I can switch between the Pro and Lite versions using the License Manager, but where is it?

Okay, in the Operations tool bar which I turned off. Interesting place to put it.

Guess it got accidentally moved there somehow? It's always been in the Menu toolbar under the Help menu.

You're using old toolbars, imported from Opus 10 or earlier, if it is there for you.

DO 12.9.1 clean install

Well I didn't really think it was a possibility as this was a clean installation (I've never used DO before), but on the odd chance that the theme I imported made the change I uninstalled DO, ran Ccleaner to remove all registry entries for DO, and reinstalled DO. As you can see in the attached image, with the Operations toolbar disabled there isn't a help option. I do appreciate the responsiveness and support.

That reply was to Enteral, who is using old toolbars from Opus 10 or earlier.

If you're using the default Opus 11 or 12 toolbars then the earlier replies cover those, and the Operations toolbar is where the Help menu is.