Where to find additional icons (e. g. email icon for a label)

I want to add a label that I can use for files that I have sent via email. A simple envelope or the like would be ok.

Where can I find / download icons or icon sets with common symbols like that? Which file format do they need?

Thanks a lot for caring!

Have you tried the Icons section?

This would contain what I need. How can I access the needed icon in DirOpus now?

Download the .dis file and drag it to Preferences / Toolbars / Icons.

I could download and import it, also preview the symbols, but I cannot activate "internal symbols" in the file menu for label icons
2024-04-25 22 06 29 001 - #Screenshot

Labels can't use toolbar IconSets. They need standalone icons (e.g. .ico files, or icons inside a .exe or .dll file).

(The Express Dual IconSet you found uses a single PNG image grid for each icon size. You can inspect it by renaming the .dis file to .zip and extracting it. To use an image from that on a label, you'd need to copy the icon bitmap out of the PNG grid and into a standalone .ico file using an icon editor. An easier solution is to find a standalone .ico file that has the image you want.)

A much easier solution: Use icon 15 inside /system/imageres.dll:

The icon picker dropdown should have that DLL in the history automatically, unless you've loaded lots of other icon sources previously.


Thanks a lot, I understand, but I do not have imageres.dll on my computer...

My fault. I've edited my post with the correct path: /system/imageres.dll

Great! Now it works. That should be enough for my needs!

Thanks a lot!