Where to get standard rename preset


I'm new to dopus.
I've seen this rename preset in some developer videos and in this thread:

But I couldn't find out where to download this preset with all entries (Characters, Dates&Times, Images, Music, Numbering, Script examples)

In my presets list are only "Capitalize Words", "Make Web-safe" etc

You have all the standard ones already; the others that you see in my videos are ones I've added to my own configuration.

Most of them are available in the forum. If you have trouble finding one that you need, let me know which one(s) you're looking for.


thank you for your answer!

Ok, then I'll build my own preset list :slight_smile:

I'm especially interested in the presets which are in the characters, numbering and script examples group!



PS: BTW Your team have created a really great application! Some much useful stuff in it, I'm overwhelmed, positively!

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