Why are my folders green?

All of a sudden, when I go to create a folder in the latest version DOpus 12, the name of the folder appears in a light green color. The folder icon itself appears like it should--it's the name of the folder that now appears in the light green color which is almost illegible. This idiosyncracy applies to both the folder tree and the right pane subfolder listing. I have gone into Preferences and fiddled with all of the settings under Folders and Labels, including the default. No luck. I have not changed any Windows 10 Pro color schemes. I now have to go into Labels and choose a pre-configured color to make it legible, but that changes both the font color of the folder name and the icon color. I just want the default to be a regular folder icon and black font color for the folder name. Any thoughts?

What do they look like in File Explorer?

Have you turned on encryption for the drive or below certain folders recently?

Or have you defined any new folder color.labels recently?

Hi Leo,
Thank you for such a prompt reply.
Everything looks normal in File Explorer. I should add that I just noticed that not only folder names appear in the light green font color in dOpus, but so do all the individual file names in that folder. Folders and file names created prior to this quirk look normal (just as I want it). Any ideas? Thanks. --Mark

Here's another weird observation. When I copy a file within a folder I just created with the font text a light green to another folder created before this quirk first appeared, the font color changes back to normal (i.e., black).

Oh, no changes to labels or file encryption that weren't already in place prior to the quirky light green font color first appearing.

Is the attributes column different for the old and new files/folders?

Are you using the standard colors or a custom theme? If it's custom, the cause is probably Windows turning compression on for your drive due to it being low on space.

No File Compression checked on affected drives. Plenty of room on drives.

  1. File Explorer Attributes on Non-Affected Files and Folders: DA or A
    2 dOpus Attributes on Non-Affected Files and Folders: -a-----

  2. File Explorer Attributes on Affected Files and Folders: AE

  3. dOpus Attributes on Affected Files and Folders: -a--e--

Even in Affected Files and Folders, I've tried setting default icons and appearance through File Explorer. No effect.

I'm not using any custom color scheme, except insofar as applying a default color label to newly created files and folders from with dOpus so as to be able to read the folder and file names better from the light green font which is now the apparent default. --Mark

The E attribute means "encrypted".

By default Opus shows encrypted files/folders in green. You can change that from Preferences / Display / Colors and Fonts / Files and folders - Encrypted.

Thank you Jon and Leo. That was the issue. I don't even know how the encrypted attribute got checked. Much obliged for your expertise and experience. --Mark

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