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Why change forum software?


Is there a time limit for editing posts? I just had a look at my Tagger thread and saw that the edit symbol only appears at newer posts (2 month in this case). I wasn't able to edit the first post which was intended to be the main post where you always can find the newest version for download.


There is a time limit at the moment, but that will be changing for the downloads area. I'll try to get that set up in the next day or two. Been chasing some other problems with the imported posts the last couple of days so I haven't had a chance to sort out the downloads areas properly yet.


Good to know, thanks.


The software itself is nice. But the default design for Discourse is bad. Too much whitespace taking up too much screen real estate when it doesn't have to.


Important: My advice above was wrong. Very wrong.

Edit: It was fine, as long as you didn't use the extra checkbox. Updated the earlier post, and also the separate PSA post.


Same here, the totally different design was a bit off-putting initially, but it's huge improvement over the previous forum.


I am still a bit lost in the new forum and share the concern about the amount of whitespace, but I was pleasantly surprised how well it works and how nice it looks on a mobile device. Very cool!


Where can I find the delete-option Leo ?



Below each post.

(Don't abuse it or we'll take it away :))


Thanks. I think this isn't always the case?
Maybe it is not possible that users delete their own new threads?
I wanted to delete my own post, titled : "Set Attribute: creation date after document created date?"
There are 0 replies. It is no problem, but it serves no purpose then to keep it there, hence I tried to delete it myself.
(The "three-dots" button is missing below my own thread)



Please don't do that. Only delete things that are duplicate posts, contain wrong information, and so on.


I agree phpBB is a steaming pile of horse hocky.
My only complaint with Discourse so far is it is taking the same 2 dimensional flat look and feel of Windows 8/10. I guess Microsoft missed the days of the look/feel of Windows 1.x and 2.x.... Not sure why every piece of software now has to go that far back in time for their look and feel......


There are more forum softwares around not just phpBB i.e. Vbulletin.
I like this design its inda fresh and not that comon. Job well done.

A server move can be quite tough, how did it go?