Why Do Tabs Sometimes Move From Their Positions?

This small problem has been prevalent for me in every version that I have used on all computers.
Sometimes a tab that I have on the far left moves to the far right.

I am not sure exactly when it occurs, but I suspect that it is when Directory Opus is minimized and I restore it from the Taskbar.

That sounds like something we fixed in a recent Opus 12 beta. Which version are you seeing it in?

This happens to me a lot and I have mentioned it in a prior post. Leo mentioned that maybe it was being caused from "sloppy"
clicking on the tab and I can confirm that. My right hand has a minor shake to it from all my years at the keyboard and my age doesn't help either. I mentioned at that time that a "tab bar" lock would be great, similar to a toolbar lock. Maybe in a future update.

That sounds like what was fixed in a recent Opus 12 beta.

I'm using Beta 15 so I will pay more attention to it. I will post if it happens again. Seems like I had that problem last week but can't say for sure.

I'm using v12.0.15 Build 6072.

By the way...
I don't think it is from sloppy clicking.

I've manage to reproduce this accidentally just now and remembered this thread. Opus version is 12.0.15.

It happens when: you have several tabs opened and one of them has a long name (38 chars in my case) and it's is a first one and is currently selected, and then you click + to add a new tab, the currently selected long one jumps to last place.

In the mid-writing of this post I realized what actually happened, it's not a bug: in the described case, the new tab with the same long name opens (i.e., selected one gets duplicated, this is normal) and Opus shifts the tabs to the left because there is no room for the new duplicated one and inserts a new one to the rightmost side, so it seems like it jumped but actually it did not, it's a new tab. Tab overflow menu also appears in this case, so you can verify this is the case.

This confusion could be ameliorated if Opus would use a quick animation to shift the tabs (like Firefox does) so the shift is visualized rather than instant.

Following are the-3 step screenshots to better illustrate what's happening:

* Leftmost tab has a long name and is selected.

* New tab is opened.

* New tab is now rightmost (this is duplicate) and rest of the tabs (along with the original leftmost one) is now insta-shifted to the left (and are accessible via the Tab Overflow menu highlighted on this last screenshot).