Why does Opus trigger a OneDrive download on right click?

It happens every time, it seems (for files not locally stored), and sometimes it even causes Opus to hang. If I cancel the download (in OneDrive) Opus wakes back up. If all I want is to do the sort of meta-operations that are in the context menu - why would Opus be asking for the file?

Opus itself should not do that, at least if the OneDrive folder has been auto-detected correctly.

A shell extension something has added to the right-click menus could cause the problem, potentially. Do you see the same thing in File Explorer if your right-click the same file (after moving it off the local machine again, of course)?

I would also try with the current Opus beta version (12.25.4) as there were some fixes to the way OneDrive and different Windows versions were detected which may help here. (The current beta is stable, and we're just waiting on translations at the moment before the 12.26 stable release.)

When it happened, I compared to Explorer & there it did not happen. I killed the d/l before comparing. Afterwards I went back to Opus & it again triggered the d/l.

I've updated to the beta as you suggested & will report back when/if I have more information.