Why doesn't DO show the context menu for some folders?

I right mouse click on a folder and the menu shows up. I right mouse click on the subfolder and I don't get any menu. I can repeat this over and over. Why doesn't the menu show for some folders?

What folders are you talking about?

Folders in the treeview in the left pane.

Yes but specifically which ones.

A drive has a bunch of folders. Each folder has subfolders and so on.

So what do you mean which ones? What are you after exactly??

Which folders specifically do you right click on and not get a menu?

Your question is not clear. Do you want me to give you a folder name?

There's no distinction between "folders" and "subfolders" in Windows; they're all "folders". So saying "folders work but subfolders don't" doesn't make sense. I'm asking for actual concrete examples of the folders that you right-click on and don't get a menu. Their names and paths. What sort of drive they're on. That sort of thing.

I know subfolders are folders. I didn't say it's happening to any subfolder. The next time it happens, I'll record a video.