Why is Directory Opus so persistent with details view?

I'd like to make a custom lister style that has list view as the default, but directory opus keeps switching back to detail view when I change folders or open new tabs. How can I force it to always be list view by default? I have even attempted to delete all the template lister styles out and create my own from scratch that never used detail view, but it still switches back to detail view. It does this to every lister style that I try to set as list view.

I tried to change this setting in:

Settings > Preferences > Listers > Styles > Left (and Right) File Display > View Mode (checked) > List

Is there an additional place I need to change it?

Read the folder format faq - take the time to read it thoroughly, then you'll have a much better understanding of how/why Opus decides what formats to use.

Thanks steve. I overlooked that thread somehow. :confused: