Wildcard labels not working in 12.18.3 beta


All back to the original black.

There's no detail here. What is this about?

I set a lot of labels, red, orange. Mark all software and files. After installing 12.18.3, they all returned to black. I didn't notice this after installing yesterday. I checked the settings of the tag and nothing changed.

It is probably the problem of 12.18.3.

I installed the previous version again and the labels are normal.

By flags, do you mean custom status icons, labels, or something else?

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Sorry, labels.

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Can you post a screenshot to show what you mean?

I forgot the standard translation.



How are they assigned? Is it a wildcard label?

Yes, It is a wildcard label.

Thanks for reporting that, we've put out a new beta which fixes it.

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Thanks Jon, it works fine.

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