Will DO11 support MP4 video metadata?

I am currently using DO9 and will almost certainly upgrade to DO11 when it's not beta, if...
Please can you tell me if D11 will provide the most important thing that's missing for me in DO9, full support for metadata in MP4 video files (the kind you get from Youtube downloads).

In particular, I want a column in folders containing MP4 video files for the Video Length (run time) metadata field.
Also an option to show the data from other metadata fields in MP4 files, in columns and/or tooltips.

I can see Video Length in Windows standard Properties [Details] dialog, so I know it exists in the MP4 file itself, but in DO9 it doesn't show up in the Duration column. Also Video Duration won't appear in tooltips, even after I set that as an option in DO9. The Duration field only works for some audio files.

Right, exploiting MediaInfo dll capabilities would be great.

The Duration column works with MP4 files in Opus 11 Beta, and I think already worked for them in Opus 10 as well.

Thanks leo, that's good to hear. I guess that means those video file fields are also available in tooltips.

After trying various dedicated "media managers", and liking none of them, I've realised it would be better to do it all in a suitably customised Opus - provided you can make full use of every metadata field in each file, for display and for writing to.

Tooltips show the same info as columns, so that should work as well.

I don't think we currently support modifying mp4 metadata, however. (Although you can't modify "duration" metadata anyway, in any format, of course.)

Did i miss something?
neither DO10 nor DO11 will show useful metadata information on MP4 Files (also no Metadata on MKV).
The only Metadata Fields that where shown are the comment Field.
MP3, AVI, WMV show all Metatdata Information.
Is theres something i must configure or do i need some kind of Plugin to show MP4 and MKV Metadata?

Under Preferences / Viewer / Viewer Plugins, the Movie viewer plugin needs to be enabled, and should also have the relevant extensions in the list you see if you click its Configure button.

If that is set up but you still don't see data for MP4 files in the Duration column, you may have a video codec/splitter or registry problem.

Note that different columns are supported for different formats, but the Duration one definitely works for MP4 files here. (Also, I'm talking about columns in the file display. The metadata panel is separate and will only show things Opus knows how to edit, so it won't show much for MP4 files at the moment.)

Thanks Leo for the Clarification.
I Only Checked the MP4 and MKV Files via the Metadata Panel.
If i enable the duration columm the i can see the play time of the MP4 File. MKV are still not displayed.

Icaros 2.2.3 = .mkv duration displays


Icaros will also cause .net to be loaded into Opus and every process that may trigger any of its information, and appears related to some thumbnail crashes, so be aware it may have downsides. (Although it's still worth a try if you want what it does, just remember to remove it if you run into problems, and that it will increase memory usage.)

Yeah I would like mp4 metadata editing as well. For example, adding or changing coverart for multiple files at once.