Will Opus get the ability to open folders on cloud drives, in future, & fix attribute-changes there

Hi folks,
I appreciate that many products (ZeeDrive, Mountain Duck) bridge this gap,
but it would be great if Opus added this, just like its FTP extension.

Are there any plans to do so ?

Btw, I've also found that changing attributes on such drives,
doesn't work, and in my case, I'm using ZeeDrive.

It would be great if you could address that soon-ish.


Cloud providers have their own software which integrates them into the operating system, including apps like Opus. We don't really see the reason to reinvent the wheel there, and most cloud provider use their own proprietary API, so it's not like implementing a single, standard protocol like FTP; it's a hundred different ones, which also all need testing and are then moving targets that have to be maintained as the people on the server side change things without any thought about us.

Does it work in anything else? Opus will be calling the Windows API to change file attributes, the same as any other software likely does. If that fails in Opus for their drive, it'll probably fail in everything else including File Explorer, unless something like permissions or antivirus is blocking one program but not another.