Will Opus replace the "Windows Email Attachment" dialog box?

I'm using Windows2000 along with a Web based GMAIL account and I'm having trouble seeing the "preview or thumbnail" views of various graphic formats when "attaching" them to an Email. I'm wondering if Opus Ver 9.1 will "Replace" this attachment dialog box, thus giving me the ability to preview or see the thumbnails of files that I'm attaching?

I have another system that uses XP and it has no problem previewing the files formats - and rebuilding the Win2k system to XP will be a long task - I'm looking for a shortcut.


Do you mean the File-Open dialog box or something else?

(I've never used GMail nor seen something called "Windows Email Attachment.")

It is like the File>Open Dialog Box. I've included a screen capture of the box the way it looks in WinXP. It's similar in Win2k.

Shown here is the dialog box that I'm wondering if Opus will replace?

No Opus doesn't affect that dialog at all.