WIM Archives only openable in Opus when named with a .wim extension

TL;DR: DOpus currently supports both .wim and .esd archives (because they are the same), so long as the .esd files are renamed to .wim (because bug) prior to use. :disappointed:

WIM archives are commonly given one of two file extensions: .wim and .esd. The primary suffix/file extension for WIM archives is .wim. However, when a WIM archive is made using solid compression, they are often--but not always--suffixed with .esd instead. This can be viewed as similar to how .mp4 files are often--but not always--given .m4a or .m4v suffixes.

DOpus currently does not--but should--handle files suffixed with .esd identically to those suffixed with .wim. I deal with WIM archives often and a large portion of them are named with the .esd extension. So, this erks me quite a bit and quite frequently.

The Bug

Presume a valid WIM file was placed at C:\wimfile.esd and the following command executed: dopusrt /acmd Go C:\wimfile.esd

  • Expected behavior: A lister should navigate into the archive--the same as would occur for an identical file with an .wim (rather than .esd) filename suffix.

  • Actual behavior: A lister navigates to the archive and selects it--the same as would occur for any non-archive, such as a .txt file.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Obtain or create a valid WIM file. Any valid WIM file will do, compression and of what what does not matter.
  2. Move and/or rename the WIM file to C:\wimfile.wim
  3. Execute dopusrt /acmd Go C:\wimfile.wim
    • Confirm the wim file is opened correctly (i.e. as an archive) within Opus
  4. Change file extension from .wim to .esd
  5. Execute dopusrt /acmd Go C:\wimfile.esd
    • Confirm the wim file is not opened correctly (i.e. as an archive) within Opus but rather that C:\ is navigated-to and then the wim file is selected.

Go to Preferences / Zip & Other Archives / Archive and VFS Plugins, locate the entry for WIM, click Configure, and add .esd as a suffix for that archive type.

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You are a lifesaver. Thank you!